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PVC windows and doors

The main advantage of plastic or PVC windows is their relatively low cost and wide range of reasonably priced options, as well as their sustainability and excellent thermal insulation properties.

We offer different types of PVC window profiles

The more chambers, the thicker the overall depth of the frames and double glazing, the better the heat retention in winter.

For even better thermal insulation, a 3-pane glazing unit is available. This is particularly suitable for buildings located in city centres or noisy areas, as it provides perfect sound insulation.

PVC doors, like PVC windows, are low maintenance and offer all the best insulation properties. We offer both balcony doors and exterior doors with a lock, a handle on both sides and an aluminium threshold.

5 cameras with 70mm installation depth

7 cameras with 82mm installation depth

7 chambers with 80mm installation depth and 3 sealing rubbers

Window types

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