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Brugmann AD/Redtech 73MM

Functional and stylish PVC windows from the Standard red line.

redTECH and redARTE windows

Solid, with perfect handlingWeather-resistant and easy to clean and maintainState-of-the-art technology and excellent technical specifications

Technical specifications

Number of cameras5 camera frame and sash profiles
Installation depth 73 mm
Heat transfer coefficient of the glazing unit2-pack, 1 chamber pack with Ug = 1.1 W/m2K*
Spacers2 double-chamber gaskets, leak-proof, flexible at corners
Thermal transmittance of the windowUw = 1.4 W/m2K**
FixturesRoto NX
ReinforcementsGalvanised steel reinforcement with a thickness of 1.5 mm to 2 mm depending on the window size
Protection against intrusionUp to class RC2
StampAbakus IRMC Production® technology
Additional accessories3 icing bead shapes
Warranty5 years

* The windows are also available in 3-pane, 2-chamber versions with Ug = 0.6 W/m2K and Uw = 1.1 W/m2K.
** Applies to 1230/1480 reference window.

Straight window sash from outside

Plain (semicircular) window sash on the outside


redTECH and redARTE are available in different colours to suit customer needs and tastes.

Anthracite 70
Nebraska 33
Mooreiche 25
Mahogany 26
Walnut 21
Golden Oak 51
Vintage oak
Signalgrau Satin
Satin basalt 84
Schiefergrau Matt
Tiama 62
Metbrush Alu 69
Lichtgrau 73
Bergkiefer 50
Alux 37
Schiefergrau 12
Jet Black Matt
Ginger Oak
Woodec Oak
Woodec Concrete
Woodec Alpine
Mooreiche 25
Anthrazitgrau Satin 88
Streifen Douglasie 27
Metbrush Anthrazit 67
Stahlblau 11
Silver Grey 42
Dark Green 03
Dark Brown 71
Satin Quartz 90
Black Ulti Matt 98
White Ash 35


High-quality aluminium handles are an integral part of Standard line windows - robust and durable, they guarantee long life and functionality.



Quality and precision

redTECH and redARTE windows, made from the highest quality PVC, meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers. They are manufactured using the innovative Abakus IRMC Production® technology and are distinguished by their manufacturing perfection and attention to detail. They meet the highest standards of use and functionality, are durable, easy to clean and maintain.

Warmth and comfort

redTECH and redARTE windows from the Standard series, which are particularly weather-resistant, optimise thermal energy consumption. The systems used in their manufacture, among other things, prevent thermal bridging and the glazing itself is perfectly integrated, which has a significant impact on how energy-efficient the window is. In addition, the hinged and pivoting sashes ensure proper micro-ventilation and profile cooling, while the steel hardware strengthens the windows.

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