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Rehau bluSynego 80MM

Passive PVC windows from the Premium blu range, reinforced with additional steel in the frame

bluSYNEGO windows

Windows with the highest durability and safety specificationsIdeal thermal insulation parametersMeets passive building standards

Technical specifications

Number of cameras7 camera frame profiles and 6 camera leaf profiles
Installation depth80 mm
Heat transfer coefficient of the glazing unit3-pane, 2-chamber (triple glazed) set Ug = 0.5 W/m2K
Spacers2 locking gaskets, 1 central gasket, thermally bonded gaskets at corners.
Thermal transmittance of the windowUw = 0.76 W/m2K*
FixturesRoto NX
ReinforcementsWindows reinforced with 2 mm thick steel
Protection against intrusionUp to class RC2
StampAbakus IRMC Production® technology
HandleRoto Line Secustic
Additional accessoriesWarm glass spacers
Warranty5 years

* Applies to the 1230/1480 reference window.


bluSYNEGO windows are available in several colours. Thanks to their unique character and perfect workmanship, they will add a unique accent to your facade. They will match any interior architectural design, no matter how sophisticated.

Anthracite 70
Mooreiche 25
Mahogany 26
Golden Oak 51
Walnut 21
Nebraska 33
Anthrazit glatt 930L
Anthrazitgrau Satin 88
Chocolate Brown
Quarz Grey Smooth
Quarz Grey
Metbrush Aluminium
Cherry Blossom
Rustic Cherry
Signal Grey Smooth
Alux Steingrau
Metbrush Anthracite Grey
Basalt Grey
Slate Grey Smooth
Slate Grey
Grey Smooth
Sheffield Oak Concrete
Soft Cherry
Irish Oak
Golden Beech
Golden Beech
Black Cherry
Siena PN
Siena PR
Turner Oak Malt
Sheffield Oak Alpine


The modern Roto Secustic handle will add character to both modern and traditional projects. Thanks to the design of the handle, it will be a beautiful window decoration and ensure ease of use. The Roto Secustic handle is available in stylish, elegant colours and in versions with and without lock.

White (R07.2)

Old gold (R05.5) handle, push-button opening

Old gold (R05.5) lockable handle

Grey bronze (R04.1)

Titanium (R01.3)

Silver (R01.1)

Medium bronze (R05.3)

Bronze (R05.5)

Security and reliability

bluSYNEGO windows, made from the highest quality PVC, offer the best protection and security. Reinforced with additional steel in the frame, they offer customers a new level of discretion and security. The REHAU Smart Guard burglar protection system can be installed at the customer's special request. passive bluSYNEGO windows are manufactured according to the highest energy-saving standards and indicators using the original Abakus IRMC Production® technology. They are made from environmentally friendly raw materials, are recyclable and meet the highest environmental and functional ecology standards.

Warmth and aesthetics

Premium bluSYNEGO windows offer the highest level of thermal insulation and burglar protection. They have additional seals to protect against heat loss and are also reinforced with steel. They are significantly "warmer" than standard windows and their energy performance specifications are best in class: Uw is 0.76 W/m2K. In addition, the deep glazing improves the thermal insulation of passive bluSYNEGO windows, and external chambers provide profile ventilation and cooling.

The ultra-smooth exterior surface, obtained by using HDF technology, gives bluSYNEGO passive windows a unique, aesthetically appealing and design style. They are ideal for both new buildings and renovations.

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