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External window sills

Tin external window sills

We offer exterior tin window sills, cornices, ridges, windbars, trusses, flaps, fascias, parapets and other tin products. It is possible to order tin products with standard folds or according to customer's drawings

Base thickness20 mm
Sill nose thickness / width12 mm / 40mm
Maximum length6000 mm

Galvanised sheet

A classic for external windowsills. Easy to maintain and long-lasting.

Polyester or PE

The most common type of external tin sill coating on the Latvian market. It is visually the same as other coatings, but more affordable. It is recommended for use where there are no increased requirements for exposure to the environment.

Plastisol or PVC

The main advantage of this coating is its increased resistance to mechanical damage, which is achieved thanks to the extremely thick coating layer. Exterior window sills with this coating are also quieter, as the thick coating absorbs precipitation noise better.


Polyurethane-based coating with high UV and corrosion protection, excellent mechanical resistance and easy maintenance.

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