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Internal PVC window sills

PVC interior window sills Ekoplast

Plastic window sills with a decorative PVC coating are currently the most common type of interior window sill. They have gained their place on the market thanks to their affordable price, good quality and easy installation. The surface of the Vitrage Plast sill is coated with special decorative protective PVC films. These give the window sills an elegant look and create a surface that is pleasant to the touch. The PVC coating also protects against minor mechanical damage, moderate temperatures (cigarette ash, hot mug), acidic and corrosive substances, food residues, alcohols. The internal fastening structure of the sill is designed to withstand different types of loads. All Vitrage Plast window sills are coated with a 65 micron thick protective film, which protects the sill from possible mechanical damage during transportation and assembly, as well as from exposure to sunlight.

Technical dimensions of PVC windowsills Ekoplast

Base thickness20 mm
Sill nose thickness / width12 mm / 40mm
Maximum length6000 mm

Available PVC window sill decors

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